July 2016

We had a wonderful meeting this Saturday and look forward to seeing you all at the Virginia Gathering on July 30th.

Pax Et Bonum, John


Franciscan News

1) Pope Francis to make personal pilgrimage to the Porziuncola for 800th Anniversary of the Pardon of Assisi.

Great article about story of the Pardon of Assisi:  THE INDULGENCE OF PORZIUNCULA, “THE MOST SACRED PLACE OF FRANCISCAN SPIRITUALITY” (Joan's Rome)


2) Jan Parker, O.F.S. - National Minister, released statement regarding the recent violence in Louisiana, Minnesota, and Dallas, Texas:

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
May the Lord give us His peace in our hearts, our country and our world.

The events of the past two days rock our country.
The message of the Q is so loud in my heart.

This Q was filled with God's joy, but it was not just a gift of partying.
The Q was a call to us all. It holds meaning.

We are called to revival.
We must redouble our efforts.

How will we, as Franciscans, live the Gospel today?

Let us each do what is ours to do.
Our prayers and actions are so needed.

Thank you to all those who are sharing the good news of the Gospel.
Praise God as we journey onward together.

Peace, love and joy as we trust in God to lead us,


Notes for July

1) Formation -  great presentation and discussion on John Duns Scotus - Mary's Architect by Phil Klim.

2) Discussion about planning for the 2nd Annual Virginia Gathering on July 30th

• Mt. LaVerna is hosting this event and we will need everyone's help.

• All members of our fraternity need to register and pay for this event.

• Registration and more details are now posted to the Regional Website

• We will be helping to organize the food -- continental breakfast and lunch (Carl has BBQ caterer, and we should also look into vegetarian options)

• Sheila will be organizing the music

• Planning for the Liturgy (readers and Eucharistic Ministers) at July meeting

• Fr. Gregory will celebrating Mass

• Two great speakers including our regional spiritual assistant Brother Michael Meza, O.F.M. Cap. and Bill Bouffard, O.F.S.

3) John shared his pilgrimage to the Quinquennial Congress.  Thanks for everyone's support in going.  DVDs of presenters has been purchased for the fraternity, and the new autobiography of Fr. Murray Bodo, O.F.M. was signed for the fraternity.  Thanks to all the donations of toiletries -- the Blessing Bags were a successful act of mercy for St. Louis.

Q Website

NAFRA YouTube with testimonials from Q

John's Photos from Q and St. Louis Cathedral

John's driving pilgrimage to St. Louis from Charlottesville and back

4) Bernadette Rumpf reported after meeting that she is testing cancer-free and thankful for everyone's prayers and support.

5) John will order a black-beaded Crown Rosary at request of prisoner from Fish Kill, NY

6) All are invited to attend the Feast of God Our Father at Terra Patris on Sunday, August 6th in Goshen, VA.  Contact John if interested in going.


Fraternity Milestones:


• Gail Barber - July 3

• Martha McGloin - July 29

Profession Anniversaries:

• John Clem - 2 Years (July 20th)

• Melanie Bninski - 2 Years (July 20th)

Remembrance for those who have gone before us:

• Mary Benza, O.F.S. 

Upcoming Dates:

• July 16th - Holy Land Festival at the Franciscan Monastery in DC

• July 23rd - Trader Joe's Food Ministry Pick-up at 10am

• July 30th - Virginia Gathering of Secular Franciscans

• August 6 - Feast of God Our Father at Terra Patris

• August 13th - next meeting for Mount LaVerna Fraternity 12:15pm

• Saturday, October 8th -- Elections for officers (done every three years -- prayerfully consider)

• Saturday & Sunday October 22-23 - Annual Fraternity Retreat at Our Lady of the Angels Monastery in Crozet.

Father Dan Horan, O.F.M. was the keynote speaker and gave three talks at the Q related to the Year of Mercy, with a focus on peace and discussions on racism and xenophobia.


Mercy in Action

Our fraternity is beginning a new work of mercy to help our parish food bank each month.  We will be making a monthly pick-up of food at Trader Joe's.  Sheila reports that this ministry is now serving 140 area families, who receive needed food each week.  On Saturday June 18th we filled-up 2 cars with food and delivered to the NEW Food Ministry Area. Thanks for everyone's help.

NEXT PICK-UP:  Saturday, July 23rd at 10am


Prayer Wall on our fraternity website

Please check out our new Prayer Wall on our fraternity website:

• You can submit your prayers and view them on the prayer wall.

• Click on prayers to send message that they are prayed for.

• Submissions can also be made anonymously.

• You can check box to get a daily e-mail of how many people prayed for you.

Prayer Wall LINK

Prayer Wall Submissions LINK


Please follow the wonderful daily reflections from Deacon Tom Bello, O.F.S. and other writers in our Franciscan Family at MercyHour.org


Newsletter of the Mount LaVerna Fraternity from Charlottesville, Virginia

website:  peaceandallgood.org