January 2016

Welcome to our first fraternity newsletter! 

We will now be publishing this e-newsletter each month following our monthly meetings (now on the 2nd Saturday of every month).  We hope this will offer news and information helpful our fraternity life and helping us to grow in our Franciscan charism.  Your input and feedback are very much appreciated, and feel free to submit ideas, stories, links, and photos.  

Pax Et Bonum, John


Welcome to our NEW Candidates!!!

Our fraternity celebrated the Rite of Admission on January 9, 2016 for our two new candidates -- congratulations and blessings to:

• Kathleen Cunningham

• Anne Deane



Meeting notes - January 9, 2016

Attendance:  Carl, Melanie, Kathleen, Anne, Therese, Sheila, Gail, and John

Guests:  Zach & Joan

1) Opening Prayers & Daily Office - Mid-Day Prayer

2) Formation -- reading of SFO Rule and commentary.  Carl also handed out Christmas greetings from Tibor Kauser - our international Minister General.

• Plans for future formation -- please read our Constitution -- plans to review for next 3 months in formation at meetings.  Link to Constitution

3) Great fellowship and food -- thanks for all those sharing their bounty, thoughts, and prayers!

4) Rite of Admission for Kathleen Cunningham and Anne Dean

5) Extraction of Saints - picking of Franciscan patron saint for the year, picking a fraternity member to pray for in 2016, and a Gospel passage -- to ponder and pray upon in this Year of Mercy.  For those who missed the meeting -- see John to get your patron saint, fraternity member, and gospel passage.

6) Sheila would like our fraternity to attend the Open House at the Charlottesville Mosque on Sat. January 23rd 4-6pm -- also in line with Pope Francis' prayer intention this month for inter-religious dialog.  Islamic Society of Central Virginia

7) Secretary's Report:  John will contact Helga arrange a visit with sister Rose in January.  John will begin new e-newsletter that will replace the meeting minutes e-mail in 2016.  Important dates shared below.

8) Treasurer's Report - Melanie Bninski

Mount La Verna Fraternity

Balance at beginning of December 2015:

Checking  $510.40

Savings       100.00

Pay Pal        154.93

Cash            219.60

TOTAL        $984.93

Donations    $70.00

Charitable Donation
(Incarnation) $150.00

Website (CWS)     15.00

Books                            84.00


Net Income/Expense ($179.00)

Balance at end of December 2015:

Checking  $281.40

Savings       100.00

Pay Pal        154.93

Cash            269.60

TOTAL        $805.93


Fraternity Milestones:


• Carl Stacy - Feb. 18th


• 1 Year since Rite of Admission for Sheila Herlihy and Rebecca Gallant (Feb. 2)

Remembrance for those who have gone before us:

• Mary Benza, O.F.S.


Upcoming Dates:

• Saturday, January 16th 10:15am - Dedication of the Pope Francis House and 5 other homes for Habitat for Humanity in Charlottesville.  All are welcome.  Habitat LINK

• Friday, January 22nd - 42nd March for Life in DC - bus being organized by St. Thomas to leave from Incarnation parking lot - March LINK

• Saturday, January 23rd - Mosque Open House 4-6pm

• Saturday, February 13th - next Mount LaVerna meeting at 12:15pm

• Casa Alma will be hosting a series of further discussions on Laudato Si' - starting in February -- details coming.

• April 2, 2016 - Day of Reflection for Candidates and Inquirers at St. Anthony Shrine

• April 22-24, 2016 - Annual Regional Retreat at Priestfield

• June 30 - July 4, 2016 - Quinquennial Meeting in St. Louis

• Virginia Gathering of Secular Franciscans - Mid-July at Incarnation PAC

• Saturday, October 8th -- Elections for officers (done every three years -- prayerfully consider)

• Saturday & Sunday October 22-23 - Annual Fraternity Retreat at Our Lady of the Angels Monastery in Crozet. (tentative date)


Mercy in Our Fraternity

Our formation group today helped with a special large pick-up of donated food from Trader Joe's for the parish Food Ministry.  Our executive council discussed the idea of making this a regular function in the morning before our Saturday meeting.  This would be a wonderful act of mercy that we can all do together as a fraternity during this Year of Mercy.  Let's discuss this opportunity at our next meeting...

Newsletter of the Mount LaVerna Fraternity from Charlottesville, Virginia

website:  peaceandallgood.org